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4 X 1= Back Up Your Data

Priority #1 - Back Up Your Personal User Data!!!

The most important task to perform on your computer initially is to make sure that all your important personal data has been safely backed up to a reliable back-up media, such as a CD or a Memory Stick. Memory Stick are, by far, the most reliable back-up devices of any others available, and they are very affordable.  Plus, you can purchase them most anywhere now-a-days! Once you have your Memory Sticks in hand, here are four excellent selections of software programs to use to back up your all-important personal data and user files!

Acronis True Image HomeAcronis True Image Home 2012

EaseUS BackupEasy backup and recovery solutions!

Macrium SoftwareFree Disaster Recovery!

Paragon Software Group  Total PC Protection for Serious Users!

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