Yours truly, visiting the humble homestead of one  Henry David Thoreau on Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts, 09-06-2011.

     Admittedly, I arrived a bit late, some 164 years after he had vacated the site way back in September of 1847.

     It was drizzling a bit that afternoon - btw - and I figured that, even though he looked pretty durable for his age,  he might could use my umbrella more than I.         - - -  Mik ;~)}
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                     "on -call"  technician and tutor!

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Welcome to my New and Official "Your Computer Guy!" Website!

In years past, I have avoided setting up one of these sites for my customers
as I much preferred speaking directly with each of my clients by a phone call.
But now - and by popular demand! - I am setting up this site just for those who may
just want to browse my site and maybe even be able to fix their own computer for free!
However, if you would prefer to speak to me directly, feel free to call me at (817) 535- 1416!
This is a website designed both for fresh beginners, just learning about computers,
and for those who might be more experienced and proficient with the technology as well!

Now I know - - - many of my customers might be a bit hesitant to even begin to learn a bit more about their own computers, let alone be willing to try to fix their problems themselves!  That is why - of course! - so many of you will simply give me a phone call, and if we cannot resolve your issues within a reasonable amount of time over the phone, you will just schedule a service call at our convenience!

Then there are others of you - and you know just who you are! - who will try most anything and everything, and tap most anyone and everyone you know, in a genuine attempt to repair your own systems!  But then, when you have TOTALLY botched-up the whole works, well - - -
then you just might be a bit more willing to give me a call! 

Unfortunately - and by that time - we will often have multiple times many more problems than we might have had if you had simply dropped me a call in the first place!

Therefore, this site has been set up for both kinds of computer users! 

Firstly, this has been set up as an educational site, so you will have some sense of what computers are, how they work, and how to use them safely and properly.

And then secondly, this site has also been set up to help guide you in your efforts to keep your systems running properly, perhaps perform some basic trouble-shooting routines in the event of any problems, and then maybe even help you to be able to actually repair some of these issues on your own!

Please feel free to reference the items over to the left side of this home page under the computer logo, and simply click on each link to find resources and help as they might suit your present needs.  And as always, feel free to call me with any questions you may have or suggestions for this site!      - - -  Mik ;~)}
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